Lesson 1

The Lightroom Interface

(11 minutes)

This short video will help teach you how to get around in Lightroom.  It is important to know how to navigate around before learning the more in-depth features, so don’t skip over this video!


Important Points to Remember


There are 4 panels in the main interface. The left and right panels hold the options that you can make changes or additions to your images. The top panel holds the module picker allowing you to select which module you would like to work in. The bottom panel holds the film strip, thumbnails of all your images. REMEMBER -If you are missing a panel, there is a small triangle on the outside edge of the panel to bring it back.


Use the module picker at the top to select the module you want to work in.  The Library Module is the place where you will find, import, organize and sort your images.  You can also do some edits in this module, but it is best to do edits in the develop module. REMEMBER – The Library Module is the place where you will find, import, organize and sort your images


Use the module picker at the top to select the module you want to work in.  The Develop Module is where you go to edit your images.  This is the module that you will use the very most, and will be one we spend a lot of time in with the Fast Track training. REMEMBER -The Develop Module is where you go to edit your images.


Inside each side panel are smaller panels that allow you to do specific tasks on your images.  If you ever find one of those smaller panels missing, RIGHT CLICK (or command/control click) on the panel bar at the top of one of the panels and this menu will come up.  The smaller panel you are missing will NOT have a check mark by it. SOLO MODE allows you to keep only one panel open at a time.  This helps keep all of the smaller panels within easy reach without having to scroll down to find it.  During this training, make sure to have solo mode ON. REMEMBER -You will need to turn solo mode on or off in each module you work in.


It is important to learn how to select images in Lightroom.  To make a selection of one image, simply click on it.  To make a selection of multiple images, make sure to have one image selected, and hold the SHIFT key down to select the last image you want selected.  All of the images in between will be selected as well.  You’ll notice that the first image has a lighter gray frame around it than the other images.  This signifies that this image is the MOST SELECTED.  The image that is most selected is important to know, because it is the image when you sync, all of it’s settings will be copied to the other selected images.  So if you have the wrong image most selected, the wrong settings will copy.


To select images that are non-contiguous, or not right next to each, select the first image by clicking on it.  Then, hold the COMMAND/CONTROL (Command key on a Mac, Control key on a PC) key and click on the other images that you want in your selection.  To select the MOST SELECTED image, once all the images have been selected, simply click on it to make it the most selected.

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