Quick Course Lesson 1 : The Lightroom Interface

LIGHTROOMHERO QUICK COURSE Quick Course Home Lessons 1-6 1: Lightroom Interface 2: Importing Images 3: Library Module 4: Quick Develop and Syncing 5: Keywording, Rating and Sorting 6: Develop Module 7-12 7: The Histogram 8: Basic Panel 9: Treatment and White Balance...


The super-awesome FREE COURSE ON LIGHTING COURSE MENU:     LIGHT     OUTSIDE     INSIDE     FINAL TIPS      THANK YOU Welcome my fellow photographers!   I take very seriously the trust you have placed in me...

Final Tips

The essential FINAL TIPS COURSE MENU:     LIGHT     OUTSIDE     INSIDE     FINAL TIPS      THANK YOU So how are you feeling? Feel like you can shoot in any lighting situation? I know you can! I want to just cover a few more things before we are finished.   Get a...


Awesome light when SHOOTING OUTSIDE COURSE MENU:     LIGHT     OUTSIDE     INSIDE     FINAL TIPS      THANK YOU Get Outside!   Shooting outside is what we mostly do, right?  I mean, the world is our studio! So learning to get great light when shooting...


The importance of light IN PHOTOGRAPHY COURSE MENU:     LIGHT     OUTSIDE     INSIDE     FINAL TIPS      THANK YOU Photography is the Capture of Light. Light is so important to photography. Light has the power to convey emotion and feel, and also depth and dimension....

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Great photography begins with great light, so it's imperative that as a photographer you learn how to find and capture great light.

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