1. Gear
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Just so we are clear, buying more photography gear is not the answer to creating beautiful images. But, as your knowledge increases, specific purchases will become essential for you to to achieve the look you are after with your imagery.

In this section, let me share my advice on necessary purchases and those​ that can wait. Photography gear is not cheap. Therefore this knowledge can help you put your money to use in the best possible way.

  1. GEAR
    • The gear to create.

Camera Bodies

Photography is the capture of light, letting us know how important light is to your images.  In this chapter we discuss the different types of light and how they can affect your images.

  1. GEAR
    • The gear to create.

02. Lenses

The easiest way to create beautiful light is to backlight your subject.  This requires some additional adjustments to your camera, but the results will be well worth it.

  1. GEAR
    • The gear to create.

03. Modifiers

Making sure that the light throughout your photos is balanced and even is key to capturing beautiful images.

  1. GEAR
    • The gear to create.

04. Other Accessories

Let me help you understand how to find good light no matter what time of the day you find yourself shooting.

Hopefully this section armed you with information that will allow you to make smarter decisions when it comes to picking up photography equipment.  Remember, this stuff is expensive, so spend the money on the gear that will generate the most return on your investment.

FAST TRACK MENU:     FT HOME      01. CAMERA     02. LIGHT     03. COMPOSITION     04. GEAR

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