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Latest Articles on Lighting in Photography

Photography is the Capture of Light.

Light is so important to photography. Light has the power to convey emotion and feel, and also depth and dimension. As a photographer, It is imperative that you have a firm understanding of how to use light in the way you want, and also how to find and achieve the type of light you need.

Let’s start by talking about two important types of light: soft light and hard light

Soft Light

Soft light is light that is just that, soft.  It can be light that has no shadows at all, or light that has some shadows where there is a smooth, soft, gradation from light to dark.

This type of light gives a feeling of peace and serenity. Take a look at the images below.  They are examples of soft light.

siblings laughing together

bride and groom snuggling close cherry blossoms

When shooting outside, a few ways to get soft light is to do one of the following:

Backlight your subject: Put the sun at their back so that their face is on the shadow side.  Read my article to learn more on this technique. Shoot in open shade: Look for spots of shade to place your subject to keep the bright sun off them.

Doing this will keep the light soft and pleasing to the eye.

Hard Light

Hard light is light that is hard, with sharp gradation from dark to light.  Hard light conveys a feel of moodiness or excitement, depending on the emotion in the image.

Take a look at the images below, they are good examples of hard light.

girl sitting in dark hard light

girl leaning wall hard light

Notice on these images the sharp gradation from shadow to highlight. This is hard light.

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Beautiful light is so important for awesome imagery, but can be so hard to find.  Let me help you!

Whether you are finding the beautiful light with natural light, or wanting to create it with flashes and strobes, I can help you.  This e-book will become your go-to resource on creating images with beautiful light.

This e-book was created to bring together everything you need to help you learn lighting quickly and easily.  No more searching all over the web for this or that bit of information; it’s all right here.

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