What is the Best Lens for Engagement Photography?

Being around people who are in love is just plain awesome. They are happy, playful and absolute nuts. It’s the best. Photographing engaged couples is one of my absolute favorite types of shoots, because of this. During the session, anything goes. Pick her up....

Why I Switched to only Shooting with Prime Lenses

I did something big. Something I have thought about doing for awhile, but have not had the guts to do. I switched over entirely to prime lenses and away from zoom lenses.  I know, crazy. This change may not seem like a seismic shift, but let me tell you, it has been....

5 Easy Tips to Simplify Photography

In photography, just as in life, simple is often best.  So let me help you simplify photography with these five easy tips. Once you incorporate them into your photography, I promise your images will dramatically improve.   Five Easy Tips to Simplify Photography...

The Good and the Bad about Being a Photographer

I absolutely love being a photographer.   Did you know that?  You may not have, but now you do.  So often I will finish a shoot and feel rejuvenated and excited and thankful for what I get to do every day as a job.   It’s not alway roses, though.  You...

10 Tips for Getting Sharp Images Every time

tting sharp images in photography can be elusive at times, but comes down to knowing and fixing the things that cause blurry pictures in the first place.  In this article, I will teach you how to get sharp images every time you go out and shoot.   Causes of...

7 Therapeutic benefits of Photography

I love photography.       There, I said. Ahhh, I feel so much better getting that off my chest.  There are so many therapeutic benefits of photography, and today I feel inspired to share them with you.   Photography can lift our spirits, change our...

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