Using the Rule of Space in Photography

Ever heard of the rule of space in photography?  Possibly not.  But it is such an important rule to learn. Have you ever been shooting and wondered to yourself, “where should I place the subject in this image?”  This conundrum is where the rule of space...

Using Balance in Photography

Learn how balance in photography can improve your images dramatically. But more importantly, learn how to see balance with things that you would think balanced. Balance in Photography   Balance in photography is an often overlooked, yet a vital part of a...

The Golden Ratio in Photography: What it is, and How to Use it.

This here is next level stuff. Rule of thirds. leading lines. All important, but they don’t capture the eye like the golden ratio. If you’re ready to move past just placing your subject on a thirds line and calling it composition, read on. If not,...

Framing in Photography – Photography Composition Technique

This photographic compositional technique, framing in photography, is one of the easiest ways to create interest in your images and make them more visually appealing to the viewer. Everyone wants to take to take better pictures, and when you learn a few easy tricks,...

The Rule of Thirds in Photography

  Strong compositional skills, especially using the rule of thirds in photography, is essential as you work to become a good photographer.  This rule will help you know where to place your subject in an image to create more impact with the viewer.  It is...

Using Leading Lines in Photography

Creative images in photography include many compositional elements that come together to form a beautiful photograph.  Lines exist everywhere in the world and likewise, exist in every image we take. Learning to see these leading lines in photography and using them to...

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