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Latest Articles on the Basics of Photography

The importance of learning the basics in photography.

We’ve all taken pictures before, whether with a DSLR camera or with our cell phones, taking pictures is a part of life.  

The more images you shoot, the more you want to make them better, which is where this website comes in.  I want to help you become the best photographer you can be.

Starting with the basics in photography is key as you learn and grow.  It will give you the solid foundation you need in creating images with the look and feel that you’re after.  

It will also help you troubleshoot problems you may run into while trying to create an image that looks like what you saw with your eyes.

What are the basics of photography?

What a great question!  There are a few things that I consider to be the basics of photography:

Camera Operation and Equipement.

The first important aspect of basic photography is learning how to operate your camera.  This just makes sense, right?   Imagine wanting to bake delicious treats, yet not knowing how to work an oven.  

It is imperative that you learn the tools needed to shoot beautiful images.

However, camera operation can be difficult and daunting at times.  You could start by reading your manual, however that can be even more scary.  

The amount of buttons and settings in today’s digital cameras can be overwhelming, and frankly most are unneeded.  However, if you want to download the manual for your camera, follow the links below:

Nikon Manuals     Canon Manuals     Sony Manuals

If you’re looking for something a little more succinct, a guide that covers only what you need to know and leaves the rest out, then check out my e-book on camera basics.  

It will cover the settings you really need to know about, and leaves the rest out.  This way, you’re not overwhelmed with information you do not need to know.


Finally…. everything you need to know, all in one place.

When learning photography, hands-on learning is so important! Over the years of teaching photography, I have found that hands-on learning is by far, the best way for people to learn how to become better photographers.

This e-book was created to bring together everything you need to help you learn your camera quickly and easily.  No more searching all over the web for this or that bit of information; it’s all right here.

Think of this e-book as your self-paced photography class.  I teach you, then demonstrate how to do what was taught through videos, and then challenge you to do it yourself.   Interested in learning more?  Click below.

Components of Exposure.

The next most important aspect of basic photography is learning about the components of exposure.  This is also covered in my e-book on camera basics, so if you have purchased that, you are all set.  

There are also some great articles here on the website that can help you learn.

The best place to start, would be with my article, “A Beginners Guide to Learning Photography.”  This article goes in-depth on the components of exposure and helps you put it all together.

If you’d prefer to learn about the components of exposure separately, check about my articles on aperture, shutter speed and ISO. These articles will give you a good foundation on the components of exposure and how they work together.

Photographic Composition.

Now that you know the camera operation and the components of exposure, it’s time to turn your attention to photographic composition.  

I have an entire section of this site focused on photographic composition.  When you’re ready, move on to that section.

Lighting in Photography.

Next, you will want to focus your attention on lighting in photography.  Photography is the capture of light, therefore knowing how to see light and capture it in a way the elicits feel and mood is very important.  

I have an entire section of this site focused on lighting.  When you’re ready, head over there to learn more about lighting.

Image Editing in Lightroom.

Once you know how to capture the image you want with your camera in a creative and artistic way, it is then important to learn image editing with Adobe Lightroom.  

This software allows you to take good images and make them great.  I have an entire website dedicated to learning Lightroom, Lightroom Hero.  

When you’re ready, check it out.

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