The Golden Ratio in Photography: What it is, and How to Use it.

This here is next level stuff. Rule of thirds. leading lines. All important, but they don’t capture the eye like the golden ratio. If you’re ready to move past just placing your subject on a thirds line and calling it composition, read on. If not,...

Understand Exposure Compensation in Photography

We’ve all been there, right?   Image after image seems too dark or too bright.   Your mind starts racing and your heart goes into full panic mode.  Fixing the images later in software might be a solution, but that could degrade image clarity and...

Camera Shooting Modes in Photography

Will shooting in manual mode a better photographer? The answer is no. It is important that you understand all of the shooting modes of your camera and know when and why to use each. In this article, I will help you fully understand your camera’s shooting modes....

The Good and the Bad about Being a Photographer

I absolutely love being a photographer.   Did you know that?  You may not have, but now you do.  So often I will finish a shoot and feel rejuvenated and excited and thankful for what I get to do every day as a job.   It’s not alway roses, though.  You...

Framing in Photography – Photography Composition Technique

This photographic compositional technique, framing in photography, is one of the easiest ways to create interest in your images and make them more visually appealing to the viewer. Everyone wants to take to take better pictures, and when you learn a few easy tricks,...

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