Photoshop Training for Photographers -Lesson 3- The Layers Palette

Lesson 3: The Layer Palette Layers in Photoshop are one of the most powerful tools, yet often go unexplored and over-ignored.  People use them, but very sparingly. In this lesson of my Photoshop Training for Photographers course, we will explore the layers palette...

Photoshop Training for Photographers -Lesson 2- Navigation Tools

Lesson 2: Navigation Tools In this lesson of Photoshop Training for Photographers, we will cover the navigation tools inside Photoshop.  These tools are imperative to learn and understand before you start editing images.  To truly be effective in Photoshop, you have...

Photoshop Training for Photographers -Lesson 1- The Interface

Lesson 1: The Interface and Workspace Welcome to lesson one of my Photoshop Training for Photographers series. This lesson focuses on getting started by learning about the Photoshop interface and setting up the proper workspace, so you are prepared to move forward in...

Learn Fast and Easy Head Swaps in Photoshop

Head swaps are a common occurrence for a portrait photographer, which makes learning how to do them quickly and efficiently so important!  In my video, and in this article, let me help you become more proficient in swapping heads in an image.    Shoot lots of...

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