What is the Best Lens for Engagement Photography?

Being around people who are in love is just plain awesome. They are happy, playful and absolute nuts. It’s the best. Photographing engaged couples is one of my absolute favorite types of shoots, because of this. During the session, anything goes. Pick her up....

Why I Switched to only Shooting with Prime Lenses

I did something big. Something I have thought about doing for awhile, but have not had the guts to do. I switched over entirely to prime lenses and away from zoom lenses.  I know, crazy. This change may not seem like a seismic shift, but let me tell you, it has been....

How to change the settings of a preset in Lightroom

Develop presets are awesome because they all us to make a lot of changes to an image with one click. However, sometimes, we like some of the changes and not others. In this video, I will use a preset from my Starter Preset pack (which you can get for free right here)...

How to select images in Lightroom

Sometimes trying to select specific images in Lightroom can be difficult.  With this article, let me help you understand how you can select specific images in Lightroom quickly. Why Selecting Images in Lightroom is Important.   Selecting images in Lightroom is a...

Learn White Balance in Lightroom to Easily Fix Color Cast in Images

White balance is Lightroom is so important to delivering beautiful images, but it can sometimes be so confusing!  Let me help you not only understand white balance in Lightroom but to be able to know intuitively how to use it to better your images. In this article, we...

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